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The design for the Calorie Controlled Breakfast Bowl came about when I had a 'muesli jag' - well all those full grains, dried fruits and such seem so good for you. However, be warned. I discovered I had nearly 2520 kilojoules in my breakfast bowl, which was almost half of my daily kilojoule allowance!

Cereal and Porridge Bowl


To use the bowl look up the cereal or porridge of your choice on the reverse of the weight loss chart provided with the bowl.

Then fill the bowl up to the corresponding colour band and add 125ml (1/2 cup) low-fat or skimmed milk, or low fat yoghurt, if you prefer.

For example, muesli’s come under the red band, so pour your muesli up to the red band only and then add your 125ml low fat milk or yoghurt.

  • You can find the list of cereals and the corresponding colour bands on the back of the weight loss chart that is provided free with the cereal bowl.
  • If your particular cereal or porridge is not on the list, please email us with the details on the packaging and we will let you know the colour band you need to use for that particular cereal / porridge. One portion of cereal contains about 600kJ.
  • To complete your breakfast remember to add one or two fresh fruits, no larger than two tennis balls. For example, have one or two fruit kebabs with your cereal and 125ml low fat milk or yoghurt to make a delicious, healthy breakfast.



Soup Bowl

Starchy or protein based soups should be filled to the green line.

For example: cream of mushroom soup, cream of tomato soup, sweet potato soup, bean and ham soup, pea soup, goulash soup, soups with pasta or rice in them.


Vegetable and clear soups can be filled to the pale blue line.

For example: minestrone soup, chicken soup, consommé, country vegetable soup, etc.

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