Thursday 28th of October 2021
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A simple lifestyle tool, The Diet Plate® weight management system will teach you effective "Portion Control", giving you visual management of your daily intake of food. It is an innovative and highly recommended way to lose weight and keep it off.


The Diet Plate® range of products is a revolutionary new Weight Management System.

There are plates for all of the family, from children aged 3 to adults. The children's version is a healthy eating plate, however, an obese child will lose weight as they adjust to their new portion sizes.

We want you to be healthy. Give the gift of good health to your family. The Diet Plate ® range consists of melamine plates and bowls for men, women and children, complete with instructions and charts.

Dr Ian Campbell - Leading Obesity Specialist

"Losing weight is never easy. Most people now know what to eat, but making sure you're eating the right amount and regaining portion control remains one of the hardest things to get right. The Diet Plate ® makes it simple to do and is a great tool for anyone trying to lose weight. It's a kilojoule based weight management system that's easy to use and really does help achieve weight loss and a nutritionally based diet. A great start for anyone after a healthier lifestyle."


We all eat off a dinner plate - doesn't it make sense to lose weight while we do so?

The Diet Plate ® system consists of a dishwasher proof, beautiful melamine dinner plate and kilojoule controlled breakfast bowl. This is a visual, no guesswork involved, manageable method of losing weight. The Diet Plate ® is a simple, effective, honest and durable asset to any health conscious person.


Kay Illingworth - Inventor of The Diet Plate®

"Welcome to The Diet Plate Weight Management System. Not only can you lose weight on The Diet Plate ® but it can also be used to maintain your goal weight. I invented this plate over ten years ago, at the time it was for my own personal use. Counting kilojoules, points or fat grams and denial of carbohydrates was not for me - I like good food! I needed something tangible and simple to use, rather than weighing out everything. This is where the maths behind the portion measurements comes into play. We all eat off a plate and so it made real sense to me to lose weight using one that was just a bit special and pretty ingenious. I wanted something attractive that would not separate me from my family. I wanted to cook my favourite recipes and just incorporate healthy living into my life. This is one of those products that does exactly what it says on the label. Just trust the measurements and discover a slimmer, fitter, healthier you."

So if you hate to diet, love what you cook and want to eat with your family without being made to feel different. If you want a non-invasive, non-clinical method of controlling your weight and can't be bothered to count kilojoules and points, deny yourself food groups or get weighed in every week, then delve further into our site to learn about Portion Control Made Easy by The Diet Plate®!

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