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Glycemic Index Categories PDF Print E-mail

High GI foods have GI values above 70:  regular breads, bread rolls, rice cakes, corn thins, cream crackers, matzos, melba toast, cakes, rusks, muffins, cake flour, whole wheat flour, mealiemeal porridge, “krummelpap”, polenta, most cereals, oats-so-easy, sports and energy drinks, melons, litchis.

Intermediate GI foods have GI values between 56 and 69: pita bread, ciabatta, croissant, rye vita, wholewheat crackers, couscous, fizzy drinks, most fruit juices, paw paw, banana.

Low GI foods have GI values below 55: seed loaves, pure rye breads, Provita, toritilla, cooked or tinned dry beans used as part of a meal, soya flour, durum wheat pasta, most rice, “stampkoring”, barley, Bokomo and No Name Brand oats, all bran cereals, high fibre bran cereals, wholewheat Pronutro (original and apple bake), popcorn, yoghurt (plain and fruit flavoured), all vegetables, citrus fruit, mangoes, berries, apples, pears, grapes, kiwi, etc.

For a comprehensive listing of the GI of most foods eaten in South Africa see the SOUTH AFRICAN GLYCEMIC INDEX AND LOAD GUIDE (GIFSA 2007), available from most bookstores, some dietitians and pharmacies and from this website.

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